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The most iconic historic prestigious motorcyle race in the world

TT Isle of man

Competing at the TT Isle of Man is a dream shared by many motorcycle racers, and for good reason. It’s not just another race; it’s an extraordinary test of skill, courage, and sheer determination. The Isle of Man TT, known as the Tourist Trophy, is the epitome of road racing, set on the breathtakingly beautiful yet treacherous roads of the Isle of Man.

The anticipation builds as the race day draws near. The riders, like modern-day knights, gear up for the ultimate battle against time and the elements. The iconic Snaefell Mountain Course, spanning 37.73 miles of winding, undulating, and often narrow roads, becomes their proving ground.

As we prepare to compete at the Isle of Man TT, we understand that this race demands not only speed but a profound connection between rider and machine. The roar of engines echoes through the quaint towns, and the cheers of passionate fans create an atmosphere unlike any other. It’s a celebration of motorcycle racing, a pilgrimage for enthusiasts, and a personal challenge for every rider who dares to take on the Mountain Course.

But it’s not just about the riders; it’s about the teams, the mechanics, and the unwavering support of fans and sponsors. It’s about pushing the limits of what’s possible, seeking perfection in every turn, and racing against the clock with adrenaline pumping through your veins.

Competing at the Isle of Man TT is an honor and a privilege, and it’s a journey that tests not only our skills but our character. As we line up on the grid, we carry the legacy of countless legends who have conquered these hallowed roads. The Isle of Man TT is more than a race; it’s a sacred tradition, a relentless challenge, and a lifelong pursuit of excellence. We’re ready to take on the Mountain Course, to carve our names into its history, and to embrace the spirit of the TT with every twist of the throttle.

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2024 Championship Schedule

11 & 12 May: Hengelo (NED)

27 May – 08 June: Isle of Man TT (IOM)

14 – 16 June: Schleiz (GER)

05 – 07 July: Imatra (FIN)

27 & 28 July: Chimay (BEL)

10 & 11 August: Horice (CZE)

14 & 15 September: Frohburg (GER)


IRRC Road Racing Championship

Besides the TT Isle of Man our team is also competing in the IRRC Road Racing Championship. The IRRC is a road racing championship that features a series of events held on road circuits in various European countries. It is similar in many ways to the Isle of Man TT and other road racing events but encompasses multiple races throughout a racing season. 

Racing in both the Supersport and Superbike classes, the Never be Clever Racing team is settling in the world of racing with outstanding performances. With both of our riders in the top 15 in the 2023 championship goals have been reached, but many dreams remain to be fulfilled in the next couple of years.

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About the Never be Clever

Racing Team

Established in 2019 and hitting the track in full throttle in 2021, Never be Clever Racing Team is the creation of André van den Brink, the owner of Van den Brink Koeltechniek, who not only leads the team but also proudly serves as its primary sponsor. With a deep passion for motorsport alongside his successful business ventures, André embarked on this exhilarating journey, shaping the team from its inception.

At Never be Clever Racing Team, we firmly believe that the essence of racing lies not just in winning but in cherishing every moment on the track. While the pursuit of victory is central to our mission, having a blast along the way is equally important to us. We’re not just a racing team; we’re a close-knit family of enthusiasts who are genuinely thrilled by the world of motorsport.

We're committed to raising the bar with each passing season

Our dedicated crew comprises skilled mechanics, meticulous data analysts, and two exceptionally talented drivers who form the core of our racing family. We blend the perfect mix of passion, precision, and professionalism to create a winning formula that pushes our limits every race.

Our ultimate goal is to learn, grow, and improve continuously. We see each year as an opportunity to expand our knowledge and enhance our skills. As we strive for excellence, we’re committed to raising the bar with each passing season, aiming to achieve better and more impressive results.

The Never be Clever Racing Team is more than just a team; it’s a celebration of the passion that fuels our drive to excel. Together, we chase dreams, conquer challenges, and build a legacy on the race track.


Team: Never be Clever Racing

Age: 36

Nationality: Welsh

Residency: Pontypool/ Wales

Favourite race: Isle of Man TT/ Tandragee 100

Favourite bike: Yamaha Tz250

Best classification: 1st

Best average speed Isle of Man: 

Something nobody knows about me: I swim in canals


Team: Never be Clever Racing

Age: 33

Nationality: British

Residency: Ballymoney Northern Ireland

Favourite race: TT, Armoy , Tandragee

Favourite bike: Honda cbr600rr

Best classification: 1st isle of man mgp (2018)

Best average speed Isle of Man: 120.124 (2019) mgp

Something nobody knows about me: me and my grandfather once hit a horse on motorbike an both lived to tell the story as did the dam horse

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