A tumultuous weekend in Germany

After a rapid logistical move from the Isle of Man to the German Schleizer Dreieck Circuit, the next IRRC race was already scheduled for this weekend.
With fewer team members than usual, it was challenging for the team to complete all the tasks on time. Nevertheless, everyone worked hard together to ensure Rhys and Darryl were well-prepared for the start. Both then had a solid first race, finishing respectively in p13 (Rhys) and p10 (Darryl) in the Supersport class and p24 (Rhys) and p23 (Darryl) in the Superbike class.
However, the second Supersport race did not go as planned. Darryl started further back in the field and experienced a severe crash in the first corner. Darryl is OK, but it seems that he has a crack in his ankle and a break in his leg. Both the crack and the break seem to be straightforward for healing, but further investigation will need to determine if the break needs surgery.
After the restart, Rhys managed to secure 10th place in the Supersport race. Due to his injury, Darryl was understandably unable to start in Superbike race 2. Rhys, remaining focused on the races despite the events, finished in 16th place in the second Superbike race.
On behalf of the entire team, we wish Darryl a speedy recovery!

Full results IRRC Supersport

IRRC Supersport Race 1:
Darryl Tweed – P10
Rhys Hardisty – P13

IRRC Supersport Race 2:
Darryl Tweed – DNF
Rhys Hardisty – P10

Full results IRRC Superbikes

IRRC Superbike Race 1:
Darryl Tweed – P23
Rhys Hardisty – P24

IRRC Superbike Race 2:
Darryl Tweed – DNS
Rhys Hardisty – P16

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2024 Championship Schedule

11 & 12 May: Hengelo (NED)

27 May – 08 June: Isle of Man TT (IOM)

14 – 16 June: Schleiz (GER)

05 – 07 July: Imatra (FIN)

27 & 28 July: Chimay (BEL)

10 & 11 August: Horice (CZE)

14 & 15 September: Frohburg (GER)


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