Herman Brood - Never Be Clever


Herman Brood was a Dutch musician, painter, and actor known for his wild lifestyle and raw, energetic performances. Born in Zwolle, Brood became a prominent figure in the rock and punk scenes of the Netherlands, often dubbed the “Dutch Elvis.” One of his notable songs, “Never be Clever,” showcases his unique style and attitude. Despite battling addiction, he left a significant mark on Dutch culture before his untimely death in 2001. 

Team owner André van den Brink, who resides in Zwolle, chose Brood’s unique and striking color scheme for his motorcycles. This decision was inspired by Brood’s iconic and eye-catching style, which ensures that the motorcycles stand out in any setting. After all, racing isn’t exactly a ‘clever’ thing to do, but it’s thrilling and unforgettable, much like Herman Brood himself.

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