Recap IRRC Horice (CZE)

Read Rhys’ race report down below!

After a bit of a scary moment on Saturday in the second qualifying session where I inevitably ended up on the deck tangled in a fence thingy…. feeling sore and a little second hand, the Never Be Clever Racing team manged to sort the issues and our we went today for our first race Irrc ssp 1 race, I was a little nervous as its not the sort of place to encounter a similar issue again, so steady away and chipped away and ended the race in p21, not normally where I would be aiming but I was happy enough to A. Made the race. And B. Finish it improving times and moving up a few positions.

Race 2 iirc Sbk race 1. This race was straight after the ssp race… 🥵 With just enough time to swap bikes quick drink and back out. I was more comfortable and confident on the R1 from the off this meet, not sure why as the 600 is usually more my bag… But I got to work chipped away and ended up p18.. Happy enough with that…
Irrc ssp race 2, was a shorter race due to a red flag…. Hope rider. OK… But we finished p20 taking another second off our lap time.

I was more comfortable and confident on the R1

Irrc Sbk race 2 was the best of the weekend for me, enjoying the race and chipping some more time off our fastest lap, 2.22 and gaining a few more positions to finish P16… I was fairly pleased to have moved up the order a little from where we started and qualified but mostly pleased we kept improving… Although not intentionally my mind is probably on 2 strokes as next Friday is Manx time… And I’m happy to be coming away in one peice having enjoyed my first experience at horrice czech republic wow what a place!!

Results weise no my finest hour but experience weise absolutely incredible met some great folk, all the riders and official’s and the crowds were insane!!

Thanks to all my sponsors and the Never Be Clever Racing team for making this happen!!

A massive well done to Forest Dunn Racing for an absolute belter of a ride showing what the big Fozzie can do👌 also being a great team mate in all aspects… Of this new adventure!

In the words of Arnnie “il be back! “😎

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27 May – 08 June: Isle of Man TT (IOM)

14 – 16 June: Schleiz (GER)

05 – 07 July: Imatra (FIN)

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